Portable Heaters Electric, Infrared, Kerosene

There are many different types of portable propane heaters out there, whether they be for indoor, or outdoor use. Many people have not only one heater in their home but maybe two or sometimes even three or four, this is because everyone has to be comfortable when those harsh winters come by. Heaters allow people to be comfortable, warm, and just all around in a good mood, instead of being cold all the time, you can have a portable heater to help warm you up when you need it.

Portable Electric HeaterPortable Heater

Like said above, there are many different types of heaters for people to choose from when they are looking for something to warm them up in cold times. The portable electric heater is a heater that is one of the most popular nowadays, and is becoming more, and more popular everyday. These heaters are so popular because not only are they portable, but also how effective they are in heating up a room. The electric coils in the heater heat up to a certain temperature, and when that temperature is reached the device shuts off, so there is no room for being over-heated.

Portable Infrared Heater

The portable infrared heater is a different type of heater all in its own. Infrared is a type of heat that does not radiant through the air, but passes through the air to go directly to heat up your body. This is why these type of heaters are seen being used in sauna’s more then anything else. Many people like to build their own type of sauna, and they go with the portable infrared heaters so that they will get the best heat to build their sauna with. When looking for the correct infrared heater you need to look for one with the most surface area being covered, because this will increase the heat being produced.

Portable Kerosene Heater

A kerosene heater is a type of space heater that heats the air around the person and warms them. The portable kerosene heater is used mostly in outdoor situations, like for instance maybe a camping trip, or just something to heat someone up while sitting outside. This is because of the gases that the kerosene heaters usually give off after burning, like carbon monoxide, which is un-traceable but very dangerous in large quantities. The kerosene heater can be very useful in area’s of outdoor where you need heat, just light it, and let it run until the fuel is burned out, and the heater will go out.