Portable Patio Heaters

When summer is over people are going back to school and not relaxing outside as much as they used to. This is mainly because the weather is turning cold and they find it increasingly difficult to cook and eat outside when their hands are freezing and cannot move an inch. The best way to fix the problem is to use a portable patio heater.

These are special types of portable heaters that sit outside on your patio or deck. They will emit heat in several ways Portable Patio Heatersdepending on the type that you purchase. Most are powered through electric heat, infrared, or gas. Each are able to emit the heat to everyone in the surrounding area so as to keep them warm and comfortable while enjoy the fresh air.

When you purchase this type of heater you want to consider purchasing something that will blend in with its surroundings. Many of these have been given a very contemporary design that make it able to do just this. Although they are not attractive or ornate they are easy to use and keep clean.

You can purchase the ones that will sit in the middle of your table or the free standing heaters that stand around 95” tall. The latter are much more powerful, lighter, and are easier to carry around to different parts of the yard. However, the commercial heaters are better to use in large outdoor areas.

Most of these commercial patio heaters are powerful and will consumer less energy than the residential heaters. They are also built to be tough in order to handle hours of being outside and surrounded by crowds of people.

When you are not using your portable patio heater or the snow is trying to cover them up you can use a cover. This cover will sit over the top of the heater and keep it screened from snow, rain, and wind. These can cost anywhere between $100 to $1,000.