Portable Room Heaters

These are a type of smaller sized space heater that is used when the main heating system in the home is not sufficient enough to warm the entire home, when it is too expensive to have it running throughout the entire day, or when it is broken. Many older people will use them to help increase the warmth in their room because they are overly sensitive to the cold without actually overheating the entire home.

Below we have listed a few of the more popular portable room heaters that are on the market today. Each of these are priced differently and will operate in a different way.

Bionaire Silent Micathermic Room Heater

The Bionair Silent Micathermic portable room heater has been built with a lightweight design that makes it easy to take with you or to move it to a different room without any problems. It works silently so as not to disturb your sleep and has the ability to heat the whole room through convection heating.

This technology uses 1500 wattage which allows it to heat the room up to 75% quicker then the oil radiated heaters. Because of its slim design you can place it anywhere in the room without getting in your way. It costs between $80 – $100

Honeywell 2 in 1 Baseboard Room Heater

This baseboard room heater from Honeywell allows you to heat the room immediately or to use the silent convection heating to keep it at the same temperature throughout the night. It will help you to save energy by regulating the power and using the adjustable thermostat. It includes many safety features including the auto shut off timer, tip over switch, and easy to use controls. It costs between $100 – $150

Vornado iControl Digital Vortex Room Heater

This is a fairly new product from Vornado that will keep your room warm during the winter. It is a type of digital electric portable heater that uses the special heating technology from Vornado to heat the room evenly in minutes. It has many special features to it that no other heater has including, timer, fan speed, a set temperature controls that are put into the system digitally.

The LCD screen will alert you to the temperature you have set it for and the temperature it is at. It also is designed with climate control so as not to waste energy. The wireless remote control will allow you to control the temperature no matter where you are in the room. It costs between $160 – $200.