Portable Water Heaters

Portable water heaters can provide the pleasure of hot showers which can be taken at almost location at anytime. A vast array of different people such as backpackers, horseback riders, campers, outfitters, bikers, mountain climbers, hunters, rafters, and so on can find uses for portable hot showers.

Also, a portable hot water heat can also be used in varying locations like cabins, parks, recreational vehicles, beaches, boats, etc. So, a portable water heater can provide hot showers at almost any location in the outdoors, or, in homes and cabins without water heaters or electrical power, wherever a hot shower is needed.

Another positive benefit of portable water heaters is they can give heated water quickly and efficiently. A portable water heater does not require a large reservoir or container of water to heat. It can be used, in contrast, to heat water as it flows to the user without being stored. So another benefit is that there will be minimal heat loss from the time the water is heated unit it is used.

So far as specifications, a portable water heater has an intake which allows water to gain entry the unit. An intake pump draws the water into the unit, through the path of a conduit to be heated. Usually, a heat transferring tube will spiral upward or horizontally which will expose the tube to the heat source for heating.

A fuel burner assembly, like a gas driven burner, will provide heat for the water as it moves along the tube in the assembly. The heated water will then exit the heating assembly into another output which will direct the water to a showerhead or other fixture.