Troubleshooting Portable Electric Heater

A portable electric heater is important to help keep a smaller room warm during the winter time. Many people will keep them on hand for when the power is lost and there is a need to keep their family warm until it is restored. Others will bring them along on camping trips or use them in the garage so they can complete their projects without freezing their fingers off.

These are built to work efficiently – but there are times when they might break due to wear or tear or electrical issues. Luckily there are a number of things that you can do to fix them yourself.

The first thing you should check is the power outlet that it is plugged into. Make sure that the plug is firmly in the socket and that there is no damage to either of these. If you are using an extension cord make sure that the wiring is not messed up.

Look at the heating elements inside of the unit. The energy that flows from the heater will use several elements that will cause it to glow and produce the heat just like a stove would. If just one of these elements breaks it will be difficult for the whole unit to heat properly or even at all. Look through the user manual to know how to properly change these parts out.

Portable heaters will work best in rooms that are small and enclosed. In larger rooms you will find that there is too much space to fill and they will be unable to heat it up evenly. Make sure that the heater is not in front of a window with a draft, doors, or vents.

Clean out the vents on the heater every few weeks. Debris and dust can build up over time and block the flow of heat being expelled from the vents. Use a soft wash cloth to remove the dust. Be careful that you do not push it inside of the vent.